Nothing sets the mood for a movie better than a great surround sound system, and it makes music more enjoyable also. Whether a dedicated home theater, or in a multi-use room we can help you find the best home audio system to meet your needs and budget, then determine the best setup that will allow for the best quality and easiest operation. Then, we can do the installation for you. We can provide you with a complete sound system from a wide variety of brands whether a simple stereo system for just listening to music, or a full surround audio system, at prices that are usually better than the chain stores, or we can install your existing equipment. We serve all of Central Florida, from Daytona to Tampa. Orlando, Lake county, Orange county, Clermont, Winter Garden and more.

Surround Sound System Installation

  • A pre-installation study of the area designated

  • Integrate new components into your existing system

  • Speakers mounted on wall, in wall, or on ceiling

  • Wire and cable concealment where possible

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Cable concealing may require adequate attic access or additional cost could be necessary. Exterior wall require special consideration that could incur additional costs. All to be determined and discussed during pre-installation study.


All Installations Include:

  • All Travel

  • A brief education on all functions of the new system

  • Clean-up of all wires, drywall pieces, and any other debris

  • Unlimited email or telephone support for 6 months



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